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Whether in a quaint casita or grand cathedral, trompe-l’oeil architecture can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. At the St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson (above), the flat, white walls and ceiling were transformed with illusional trompe-l’oeil ornament that corrects architectural proportions and makes the cavernous space inviting. Note that the “curved” wall behind the cross is not curved - the wall is flat and is made to look curved through advanced perspective and shading.

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I believe our spaces should be an expression of what’s best within us…
John Alan Warford


Collaboration between artist and client plays a huge roll in the success of our projects. We strive for clear communication using photo-realistic renderings and written specs to allow all parties to create and share a singular vision. Listening to and understanding our clients’ needs plays a crucial role in a project’s outcome.
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The photo-realistic rendering for the St. Augustine Cathedral exterior. This rendering was used for polling the community and to raise funds for the project.
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Discussing rendering and specs for exterior of St. Augustine Cathedral with Bishop Gerald Kecanis, staff, and contractors in Tucson AZ
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Some of the 40 volunteer collaborators who helped paint the St. Francis Cathedral Basilica under the artistic direction of John Alan and the leadership of Monsignor Jerome Martinez.
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Additional info on the collaboration between artist, leadership, and community.

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